Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Mission .

I'm trying to do because they want to change the quality of my life. Never again want bane. For too much time in this life wasted due to thinking things are not sure.

Mission that I want to do is ...
  • FACEBOOK not open for me still in SEM 2.
  • Do not think of things that are not related
  • Not be anyone else but be myself.
  • CAN not think feeling frivolous.
  • Forget about the troubled love.
  • Revise & not postpone work
  • Try as best acting. Not all people are perfect. Absolutely.
  • I want to score 4 flat this SEM!!!

The goal I want to come here because WANNA BE A ENGINEER.  
Not want to be friends, not trying to make love but I want to learn to be an Engineer!

I believe that I can do . I CAN DO . I will make it's true . I will   :)

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